I’m warning you By Kea Heard

I’m warning you

There’s an open bottle of witch hazel waiting to drown you
so think twice before you spit the bullets between your teeth

and how dare you?

To sit proudly on the chair you swallowed my spine whole
and aim your lips at the gaps you left without my knowing
Was it my skin or your touch that deceived me?
because my home has been rearranged and
I’m certain I locked my doors

your gluttony is showing, love
return what’s not yours
place it on the table next to you and
screw the bottle shut while you’re standing

then leave the way you came

This house shows no signs of
forced entry but there are many
ways to erase footprints

By Kea Heard


Kea Heard is a student focusing on computers and brains. When she’s not drowning in work, she spends her time writing blogs, poems, and prose.

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