Queen Mother to Future II By Opal Palmer Adisa

Queen Mother to Future II

when you write the
history of the revolution

make sure to mention
the plan was born between my thighs

i cooked his food
washed his clothes

cleared the path with rosemary water
and naseberry leaves

when he stared into my eyes
he saw what he could do had to be done

i nodded ascension
and he knew the time was ripe

my tongue moistened his lips
surging the muscles of his calves

my fingers tapped his shoulder
and he sourced his own resolve

all throughout the battle
i chanted asè asè asè

words lancing the energy
of victory

By Opal Palmer Adisa

Opal Palmer Adisa is a Jamaican writer, cultural activist, gender specialist and photographer who has published 20 collections, including poetry, short stories, novels and children’s book. www.opalpalmeradisa.com

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