Bird Feeding By Zahraa Farhat

Bird Feeding

“Look,” Baba says,
“They’re praying for us.”

On top of the mint blue slide,
I watch a few swerve
in between trees, white
bread scraps in their beaks.
They beckon the rest
to come eat
— red, blue, white, black, brown
wings steady on the lawn.

I slide down
to move closer
and listen to the birds pray,
but they hear
me dawdle their way
and take off pleading
to the sky.

By Zahraa Farhat


Zahraa Farhat is a Lebanese American writer and former journalist for The Arab American News. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan – Dearborn and master’s degree in creative writing from Wayne State University. As a daughter of immigrants and a Muslim in America, her writing is preoccupied with themes of family, war, country, and identity.

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