Write By Zahraa Farhat


You seized the pencil in your aching
hand, slanting
it towards the open
notebook, drawing
a rose, a bird—
figures I’d only seen you embroider
on pillowcases.

You traced your wrinkles
into the petals
and feathers.

Blue eyes mesmerized.
A rooted bloom,
unfurling wings.

Pencil down.
You handed me the gift.

I said.
Your name.

you uttered.
Write it for me.

I wrote.

Teta, you tried to imitate,
your hold now unsteady
and broken.
You let the pencil fall

as the bird soared
and the rose blossomed
on the page.

By Zahraa Farhat


Zahraa Farhat is a Lebanese American writer and former journalist for The Arab American News. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan – Dearborn and master’s degree in creative writing from Wayne State University. As a daughter of immigrants and a Muslim in America, her writing is preoccupied with themes of family, war, country, and identity.

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