Rich People Food is Probably Gross Anyway By Anna Leonard

Rich People Food is Probably Gross Anyway

ramen noodles, growing kids need food
ramen noodles with ground beef in it
for protein, yes, growing kids need protein
otherwise they’ll look all sickly and the kids
can’t go to school looking all sickly
otherwise the school will turn to Momma
and then we gotta pack things up in boxes
and i hate the sound of cardboard
so we eat ramen noodles with ground beef
in it for dinner for a month straight
because it’s easy and Momma works long hours
at the bar with all the pretty women and big spenders

hey, there are five of us, Tommy, save some
for little Bean Dip, don’t be selfish

Julie’s got rich friends, so she stays away
around 6pm so they give her salmon with sparagus
and Julie doesn’t even like salmon with sparagus
but Julie likes to say she ate salmon with sparagus
even though Momma’s face turns all red when she comes home
and talks of her salmon with sparagus

i don’t know why Momma doesn’t just grow sparagus
in the backyard, they taught us in school
about farmers in other countries, i think
she should just be a farmer in the backyard
and then we won’t have to spend all this time apart
she comes home late, smelling sweaty
so we can eat, but i wanna play
and i wanna try whatever sparagus is

By Anna Leonard


Anna Leonard is an Atlanta-based 21-year-old graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and a concentration in Performance. She cultivated an interest in writing through dissecting plays and chose to adopt a minor in Creative Writing. She is an avid singer-songwriter with music out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and aims to create pieces dedicated to sincerity.

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