Ruminating On What No Longer Binds Us By Emmanuel Ojeikhodion

Ruminating On What No Longer Binds Us

My face runs on the corners of this bed tracing the scent
of your body as a means of comforting myself with your absence.

Two nights ago, we were in this room playing in each other’s body.

We greased each other’s ears with a love conversation that stained
the room with lofty desires.

I remember you said you like the thick wall of my chest
that it is a safe house where you could run to and seek refuge.

In this room, I’m sitting with my head to unravel the mystery
of how a lover’s body dissolves from another lover’s body.

When the thoughts of you plaits me into a crescendo of loneliness, I run
out of breath and everything around me is half-dead and I’m half-dead too

trying to knit memories back as a garment of grief wearing my body.

Unlike the boy in the city who plucks flowers from his head & stuck its scent in the nostrils of his lover, I’m low & distant on such beauty.

My body is a republic of thorns blooming in the wilderness of longing.

I pour myself in an empty can mastering the language of water.
Loneliness inherits me & I become a home love once stayed.

By Emmanuel Ojeikhodion


Emmanuel Ojeikhodion is a Nigerian-Edo emerging writer, poet & essayist. He writes to expunge his monstrous demons & documents the ripples from society. He has works published / forthcoming in Capsule Stories, The Lunch Bucket Brigade, Cons-cio Magazine, Chachalaca Review, Museum of Poetry, Déraciné Mag, Rigorous & elsewhere. He’s a finalist in the Best of Kindness Poetry contest 2020 from Origami Poems Project. He recently compiled his first Poetry chapbook & seeks a home for it. He’s a lover of Country & old Songs He tweets at @hermynuel.

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