Diametric Opposition By Kevin Sabourin

Diametric Opposition

This a story of a goddess
And he who shall not be named
One who stands for Libertas
While the other merely fame

He faces to north and west
She faces to south and east
He looks to conquer and best
She seeks to welcome in peace

His home, a regal palace
Towering high above the land
Hers, is a solemn island
Mere inches above the sand

His wardrobe adorns a king
With fabrics that bear his name
Her weathered robe of a goddess
Tattered and covered in chains

His platform, one of privilege
Patriarchy at all cost…
Hers Is one of empowerment
The Matriarch of tempest tossed

His constituents fear monger
While fighting for their status quo
While her collective downtrodden
seek a safe and welcoming home

While both great symbols of power
And both stand for something clear
One seeks to uplift humanity
While the other survives on fear

By Kevin Sabourin

Illustration By Killian Sabourin


Kevin Sabourin (He/Him) is an American author and poet who writes about social justice, politics, personal growth, and “fascinating oddities that keep him up at night.” He and his family own the Rethinking Everything Conference and reside in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Killian Kraemer Sabourin (He/Him) is an American artist, writer and Circus acrobat. When he is not hanging in the air from “silks” while doing the splits, he can be found making art.

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