Peonies By Jacob Lee


And as we walk along the bend,
for it is that time of year again,
the rich perfume worn by the air
shan’t hesitate to reminisce—

Those stars of white,
a church as old as time;
lights down the runway,
that led to forever.

Deepest of reds,
crown the flower ahead.
Come to seal life
only death could repeal.

And as we walk along the bend,
filling jars with stars again,
the God kissed air’s renewing vow,
I’ll stay with you between the flowers.

By Jacob Lee


Jacob Lee is a 29 year old writer, based out of Columbus, Ohio. He finds poetry to be a reminder to slow down; a remedy to a world intent on burning itself out. He has been previously published by The Soapbox Press in Toronto, Ontario. He has a degree in music, and when not writing, is part of three multi-genre bands.

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