Letter to Monrovia’s Policemen By Edwin Olu Bestman

Letter to Monrovia’s Policemen

for peaceful protestors –

dear policemen/
last night grandmother’s big butt TV didn’t play me foul/
i saw how your guns penetrated peaceful protestors’ bodies/
your teargas killed our mothers and fathers like slaves

dear policemen/
last night became a half moon/ broken/
i saw how you ripped those beautiful placards apart/
it felt like the atmosphere had gone out of air/ their lives extremely lost to the earth

dear policemen/
i saw how you drove them from community to communities/
some bare footed running for their lives/
others stuck in the mud/ so you came/
knocked them beneath the ground

dear policemen/
you stripped their bodies naked/
how you ran felt like you were on a mission to strike when seen/
you left marks on them like a devourous beast

dear policemen/
i mean/ my country’s men/
i thought you were meant to protect lives and properties/
North/ south/ east / and west/
until then/ this letter is from a boy whose grandmother’s TV didn’t play him foul

By Edwin Olu Bestman


Edwin Olu Bestman is a young multi award winning poet from Liberia. His works have been published in Nantygreens, Odd magazine, Spillwords and so forth.

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