Yearning for Peace By Tayyaba Barqi

Yearning for Peace

There will be a day
When the moon shines brighter than the sun in the day,
And my heart aches for more hope at night rather than pain.

There will be a day
When my eyes will not wake up to watching the demolition of the valleys of Kashmir,
And my ears listening to the screams of children running in jubilation instead of fear.

There will be a day
When the trees are no longer holding on to the secrets of pain of people,
And the mountains are not a witness to the sounds of firearms and weapons.

There will be a day
When I will weep again as I always do as the dawn touches upon the sky,
But this time, the tears will be for winning the battle.

There will be a day
When this heart doesn’t struggle to pound,
And the blood flows through my veins like filling up a dried well after ages.

There will be a day
When I will fathom the misery of this labyrinth,
And live in reality instead.
There will be a day, a day
When birds will sing the songs in ecstasy and not in despair.

By Tayyaba Barqi


Tayyaba Barqi is a law student who is an aspiring poet and who talks about the misery of people in various parts of the world especially war-torn countries with the help of her poems. You can find her on instagram @logophilepoet

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