Worlds Away By Emma Mayer

Worlds Away

How am I to feel the rain? The quaking
Drab of day, so critical past my curtains.
Once abandoned, near and along the widened
World, I saw treasure.

Castles tall and wondrously bold, resplendent.
Cloaked in sunrise, glorious – dreaming aimless,
Passing time by driftwood and embers, picture
Perfect but gone now.

Magical and innocent, softly laying
Here beneath the willow, to wake and find a
Dream destroyed by growing old, snow that keeps on
Falling with pity.

I hear songs that torture my poorly beating
Heart, so shattered daydream and soul I linger,
Caught between the worlds in which sweet and pensive
Visions are dancing.

By Emma Mayer


Biography: Emma Mayer is a junior double majoring in English and Communication in Colorado. She has been writing poetry ever since she could remember and believes words have the power to change the world. You can follow her on Twitter @emmamayer1996 and Instagram @__shmayerxx.

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