Let’s be monsters By Maia Brown-Jackson

Let’s be monsters

Let’s be monsters.
Let’s be witches and bitches
and crones
and just

Let’s be powerful.
Let’s take and take and take
and grab the world,
fucking hold on with claws
and teeth
and refuse to let go.

And let’s be gluttonous.
Let’s devour.
Let’s see what we want,
what delights us,
and let’s inhale it with no
regard for propriety.

With no regard for you.

Let’s be insolent.
Let’s be wanton.
Let’s be ugly.
Let’s show our teeth as a warning sign
before we sink them into your neck.
Let’s be savage and angry.

Let’s say,
This is for me.
This is because I want.
This is because I exist.
This is because I take up space,
as much as I want, and more,
and I survive despite your best efforts
to tamp me down,
and I will fucking wear my defiance
like a punch to the gut
or I will slaughter you.

By Maia Brown-Jackson


Maia Brown-Jackson is a cynical idealist who tries to save people and butterflies and bumblebees. She has a degree in human rights and is currently recovering from covid-19 in D.C.

One thought on “Let’s be monsters By Maia Brown-Jackson

  1. You have a unique insight to how many behave in our society. These words created palpable emotions for me. The consumption some part take in, the entitlement. Thank you for tsharing this expression my friend. Glad to hear you are recovering from the virus and may you continue to heal and be healthy. As an artist myself, I find writing to be such a powerful outlet for our emotions.

    Btw, I also really love your title…..yes….embrace the rising Phoenix 🔥

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