samsara smells like carbon By Dana Blatte

samsara smells like carbon

a phoenix first must burn; 

this is how you cull the fire from the feathers

necromance the ashes into a new existence

and christen it reincarnation: the birthing

of a serpentine soul,

the vise around your stillborn heart.


even chalcedony and agate

                        turn to onyx if you apply enough pressure;

                                                even ichor

            coagulates to cinders

                                    if you incinerate it long enough.

                        they say ashes to ashes

                                                            so i say light it up;

burn the snakeskin on a pyre

                                    and watch the phoenix


By Dana Blatte


Dana Blatte is a sophomore in high school from Massachusetts. Previously, she has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and NaNoWriMo’s Young Writer’s Program. Additionally, her work is published in or forthcoming from The Aurora Review, The Heritage Review, and Second Revolution. An aspiring illustrator, author, and polyglot, Dana dreams in lyricism, fairy tales, and obscure indie music.

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