luna By Jenna Cooley


i do not have the words i need to explain this sadness to you.
there is no translation. the bones are as they have always been:
the bones are cold. in the winter they are colder.
the sky holds the sun in its teeth. these teeth clench.
this jaw clicks. the universe is a reflection on silence.
in silence the throat retreats toward the lungs
every ache of the body is worn to a prayer.
it is hopeful to imagine a martyrdom.
it is selfish. from silence the moon regresses to silence.
i regress to my self. meaning i regress
to the hollow between bear and crumble. i regress
to silence. i cannot explain to you the weight or the ache
of undoing. how exhaustion unthreads the posture
or tightens it. everything a drawing in. a praying back
to the infant darkness. the soft waits past the brim
of sadness. i gather my tears and wait
and am washed back to the beginning

By Jenna Cooley

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