Skinny By Maggi M.


Skinny, you wreak havoc on the world.
I have seen your haunting work
And felt your icy fingers
Inch over my skin,
And shivered under your piercing gaze.
The sound of you makes my body tense up. Skinny, the evils you have inflicted upon so
many are
You leave a trail of mass destruction.
Millions of people plagued by you.
Millions of people left emaciated in your
Millions of people starving, grasping, all
Most dead.
More kills than a murderer
On the loose.
Skinny, why do you not spare the children? Sometimes you fool those who are not yet
old enough to understand.
Surely you must realize they have only had
10 years of life.
Happy lives
They will no longer remember.
Can you not wait a while longer before you
Mercy is all we ask.
But you show none
Regardless of age or gender.
You are monstrous,
Lurking in the shadows of the night,
Disguised as “health” and “happiness”.
You lie
As you extend a friendly hand,

Encouraging to take it
With a sly grin.
The people don’t stand a chance.
You give them options,
But that makes it worse.
So many different ways, you tell them.
So many different ways to get to the place
You’re going to take them.
A beautiful place
You promise them.
You make it seem like they are choosing
This vile fate for themselves.
When I hear your name I feel my skin
When I feel your chilled breath on my tired,
worn face,
I feel my bones protruding through.
Spinal cord down my back, collar bones
reaching out
For help.
You aim to
And stop at nothing
To get what you want.
When is it enough?
When all that’s left is a
Are you happy?
Why, then, do you not release your grip?
What will satisfy your appetite?
Is the soul-crushing cry of your victims
Not enough?
Not enough.
Not enough…

By Maggi M.

Maggi is a college senior who is pursuing a double major in Communications and International Studies. She writes to share her experiences with others to help them feel just a little less alone in this world. Aside from writing, she enjoys to hike, play hockey, and walk her dog.

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