They Tell Me By Nina Escueta

They Tell Me

Mangoes, ripe and green, to start off the day
Balmy breezes singing, whispering ‘stay,’
Orange skies painting, fruit-filled trees bending
With lychees to pick for night’s sweet ending

Sat by the window, thinking of home
Of jeepneys and carabao and green sea foam
Of friends and family, so close but so far
One call, one day, and one ocean apart

Thousands of miles and I feel each one’s weight
With each slur hurled, with each message of hate
Confusion, longing, and defiance stew
Go back to your country!
I miss my home,
But I belong here, too

By Nina Escueta

Nina Escueta was born in the Philippines and came to America at 6 years old with her family. She has been building bridges between these two worlds since. Nina’s now a medical student at UC San Francisco where art, hikes, and her loved ones are keeping her sane throughout this pandemic.

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