Depression Medication By Zizheng William Liu

Depression Medication

Too tired to outlast
Or ever pass the thick
Tyranny of daylight,

I lay still on this dewy
Morning in a foggy depth.

My faded recollections
A shell

Of what could have been
Had they not caged my lucidity
In a glass house—

The tender hollows
Of the sense searing drops

That set my flesh
Ablaze in a haze of
Their unbecomings!

But by god,
I’ve been tainted
At her loom
O doctor!

The red nurse with needles
Unasked to notice
My faintings in the waiting room.

She nods me gently,
Pacified by the haze

Of the thin unravelings
Frayed as the addict in me

Shrouded in
A fabric gown.

I could sleep for years
In the cloud-like film
Of those indictments.

By Zizheng William Liu


Zizheng William Liu (he/him/his) is a student from Houston, Texas who loves to write fiction and poetry. When he’s not writing, he also enjoys snapping the ever-changing world around him with his Canon Rebel camera.

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