when we first met By Katie Park

when we first met

when we first met, you were humming a song
which i thought was cliché
but it was good enough for us.

how could you know the songs of my heart?
i could only watch hopelessly
as my feelings were drowned in a haze
of regret, anxiety, and fear

and you could never know
how much i loved you
how my heart beat for you

and even now i wonder
three years is a long time.
what if you meet another girl
one who is beautiful
would you run your fingers through
her locks of gold, and compare them
as you never did mine?
her beautiful blue eyes-
could mine hold a candle to them?
would you even think of my eyes?

do you think you could remember me then?
would you kiss her the way you never kissed me,
her mouth sweeter than anything in your wildest dreams?
would you hold her,
sing that cliché song to her,
listen to her giggles as your thoughts
melt into a unified love,
where i would be a passing glance
in a world of your own?

as i stand now with my broken heart,
i desperately try to remember
the few moments we had,
and i soon realize

i can no longer remember that song
from when we first met

By Katie Park


Katie Park is a first-year Computer Science student at New York University. In her spare time, she enjoys recording music, reading historical biographies, and writing depressing poetry.

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