Oracle By Annie Freshwater


Walk the river with me. Listen

for the cry of a night heron, mimicking
the muted wail of trains that did not pass
through here. If you see

Cassiopeia’s trembling reflection
on the water, you’ll meet your soul-

-mate at the street fair next Thursday, between

the stall that sells jewelry made
from tarnished spoons and the glassblowing
tent. The river demands

an offering: a memory from before

you knew how much you’d miss this city.

By Annie Freshwater


As a poet and novelist, Annie Freshwater explores the ways in which we populate our inner and outer landscapes with ghosts of our own making. She holds her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Redlands and her MA in English/MFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University, where she was honored with the John Fowles Center for Creative Writing Award. She is a lover of mythology, philodendrons, and decaf coffee.

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