A friend’s dramatic monologue : Lunar Eclipse By Chinedu Gospel

A friend’s dramatic monologue : Lunar Eclipse

I travel to space in search/ of my mother/ & gravity
is a law my body repels/ because all my life/ ain’t
been in the centre/ of the earth/ but/ a warm
corner/beneath/ heating with grief/

For my body is too crumbly/ to fall from the sky/ &
not smash into fragments/ tiny as cocci/ but here I
am/ in perfect shape/ wearing a space blanket/ that
unweights/ the heft of sorrow/ in my body/

And we know/ that what we call the glowing moon/
is a big blind bulb/ being loved by the sun/ this is a
fancy way to say that/ not all that gleams is gold/ it’s
another way to say/ I reflect my mother’s colour/
that sets & hides behind God/ Call me an astronaut/
separating dark clouds from the rain/

Astronomy is enough to conclude/ that I will always
be opaque/ & lunar eclipsed/ because the earth
stands/ between my mother/ & I/

By Chinedu Gospel


Chinedu Gospel is a Nigerian poet and script writer. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in nantygreens magazine, pallette poetry, praxis magazine and elsewhere. You can also reach him on Facebook @ de unique gospel

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