Constellation of the Ovarian Cysts By Sophie Tianfang Li

Constellation of the Ovarian Cysts

A body of sixteen years,
Two ovaries.
A dream of children
Running through the house.

An abundance of acne.
An inferno of stomach cramps
When the menstrual periods came back.

The transducer waltzes across the gel,
Creating a painting of unusual static.
“10 in your left ovary, 12 in your right.”

The diameter of the cysts
Become poking and prodding of needles
And solutions of little pink pills.

of infertility.

A dream for children
Will come from another body.

By Sophie Tianfang Li


Sophie Tianfang Li was born in Hong Kong and raised in Beijing, China. She is currently a senior at Lafayette college. She loves poetry, music and tattoos.

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