CANVAS By Daniella DiPasquale


When too much is cut
look in the mirror

The mirror knows how to give back
what has been stolen

I am a thief, my skin in the teeth
of my knife

It finds a way to peel back
my layers

Blood pools in corners
a harsh coaxing in my ear

to continue
What has been done

will scar-
the newest addition

You see, I’m an artist
no better plain and dull canvas

than my body
Museums were not always filled

with stories

By Daniella DiPasquale


My name is Daniella DiPasquale. I am a young Autistic poet from Jacksonville, Florida. I currently study at The University of North Florida and am striving towards a bachelors in English. When I’m not studying, you can find me managing my poetry page on Instagram (Ellaspoetrygarden) or crocheting. I’m also a cat mom to two rambunctious kitties, Flynn and Kingston.

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