the circle By Reanna Holmes

the circle

Damp moss under my heels, hands wet and muddy
Sturdy rocks guiding me safely through each step, each leap
Riveting conversations with the trees;
some you have to go up high to talk to
other stories stay rooted to the Earth
Just be kind and ask for consent first.
I know all the pebbles along the trails and in the rivers,
the rapids sing to me as they wash over wounds, healing.
Drink from her and you will know the Truth
A mirror she gives you, you may be confused
Look deeper, she tells you, it’s an inward journey
Feel connected to the Life that surrounds you
Dancing in the rain, heart racing up the mountain
Listen to the sorrows, the triumph, the legacy
Watch the branches in the wind, the clouds rolling over hills
The stars at night, and the silent rise of the morning
and know that you are part of all of this.

By Reanna Holmes


Reanna is a 23 year old Service Coordinator with their Master’s in Social Work. They have been writing casually since they were in middle school to express themselves emotionally and spiritually. Their passions lie in social justice, decolonization, environmental healing, radical love and change, and queer community. Reanna identifies themselves as a “jack of all trades, master of none” and dabbles in dance, painting/visual art, drag, poetry, music, urban exploring, and more. In their free time they enjoy being in nature and spending time with their partner and furry companions.

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