Colors on a Quiet Georgia Street By Isaiah Kye Diaz-Mays

Colors on a Quiet Georgia Street

In Memory of Ahmaud Arbery

A red lynching was held in white daylight.
Absent rope, truant aid. A blue flag waved

above a battle prolonged for eons. Two assailants
exhibited prominent proof of chalky privilege

while boasting blatant fear for Black pigment. The
pavement matched Ahmaud’s skin before his t-shirt

was soaked scarlet. Three silver bullets cancelled his
bloodline, spawning blaring screams of justice across the

world, because a Black boy in a colorless t-shirt jogged
down a quiet Georgia street.

By Isaiah Kye Diaz-Mays


Isaiah Diaz-Mays is a writer currently enrolled at Dartmouth College with aspirations to be a poet, novelist and screenwriter. Born and raised in Hudson County, New Jersey, his inspirations are James Baldwin, Terrance Hayes, Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou.

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