Speech Delay By Erin Miller

Speech Delay

Playing pogs all day
kindergarten classroom bliss
no words from my lips
classroom goes outside to play
bullied for my lack of speech

Speech therapists come
to our house in Springtime
try to make me speak
therapists finally leave
I look at parents and speak

School, I use my voice
teacher is surprised to hear
classmates still make fun
now I’m the class clown
teacher labels special ed

It will be long years
before the mistake is fixed
I just enter the next class
fall asleep, easy to pass
wasting time until freedom

By Erin Miller


Erin Miller is an artist and a poet. She has an MFA degree from Arcadia University in Creative Writing and has had her art exhibited in numerous galleries such as but not limited to Phoenix Arts Gallery, New York Art Connection, and the Pahrump Valley Museum. Currently, she works as a teacher in the state of Nevada. Her past publishing credits include Daily Star, Lesbian Connection, Poetry and Covid, and Ovenque Siamo.

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