Clouds By Philip Ossai


Why do the lonely clouds cry.
Gray in color as they pass by.
Some linger and ponder
While bullets hail from heaven
And I can’t help but wonder
If they will quickly pass
Or rather stay the seven
As nature withers and lie
I wonder, why do lonely clouds cry.
Though light is no stranger
Critical is its appearance near danger.
It’s entrance like an angel on a dark day
To musk the bitter stench of silver gray.
But temporary is her stay
As to the abyss it gives way
Returns the lonely clouds in the sky
As I wonder, why do lonely clouds cry.

By Philip Ossai


Philip is a collegiate student athlete at Houston Baptist university. He is a very humble but emotional person and it translates to the field of play. His love for poetry stems from his love for finding the deeper meaning of things. He also enjoys the piano.

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