as black as the hole in your navel By Deska Deska

as black as the hole in your navel

the other day we made a pillow tower state
you ate the remnants of my blueberry cake
with your thumb
and see us now

next month one woman will be flattened by you leaving
dearest nothing has happened yet
(rubber things I put in myself maybe I should vegetables)

your name tag hanging from my neck
on a small island in a state that we made your dirty shirts standing
I will never follow your steps

By Deska Deska


Deska Deska is based in Vienna, Austria.
She was born in 1996 in Serbia. Her father was adopted. That part of the family remained unknown. She currently studying on TRANSMEDIALE KUNST- ANGEWANDTE (University of applied arts) WIEN,
AUSTRIA. She attended the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, as well as the Faculty of Fine Arts from the same city. First in-class Contemporary clothing than she was part of New media art class. She had six group and three solo art exhibitions.

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