2021 Best of the Net Nominees

One of the most compelling aspects of poetry for us is finding a poem that strives to leave the world a better place than it was before. Writing that reaches out beyond the borders of the page and compels us to bear witness. We find that writing to be the catalyst for rolling up our sleeves and getting to work helping those who need help most. All of the poems selected for our 2021 Best of the Net cohort meet this criterion for us. In an era of forgetting, the poets on this list choose to challenge, dare to remember. We are proud to nominate each of them for the Best of the Net Anthology this year.

2021 Best of the Net Nominees

The Cleaving By Samuel A. Adeyemi

When I Get Drunk and Think of Palestine By Fatima Sausan Masoud

Calculus Notes on Turmeric By Palak Parikh

the joshua tree gave me its blessing By Mia T. Hamernik

dear eomma By hyun-joo kim

You Might Not Be Struck By Lightning As You Wish By Ellen Huang

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