when boys tell me i’m tiny i feel like throwing up By Shanna Williams

when boys tell me im tiny i feel like throwing up

what i would give
to crawl into your mouth again
pick up your molars and hide in your gum pockets
floss me out when i am
hurting you

i am still running into doorframes
like i forget how much space i take up
how many atoms are bouncing, floating
inside my skin
i have bruises
from the door hinge

you pick me up and
tell me i’m so tiny
i feel all the atoms in me
and i float up
(i’m so tiny i can do that)

i am not small
and you are not strong because you can lift me
onto your bed

someone once said we are all made up of stars
and that is where i will return
when you abandon whatever we have
through cracks in the door

By Shanna Williams


Shanna Williams was born + raised in San Francisco, where she still resides. After an 8 year hiatus, she is writing again.

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