The No Joke Broke Folk By Destinee Sharai Nelons

The No Joke Broke Folk

cradle loved ones
near to breast
in the thick of the night
on the floor
of window-less 




                        single-room house

                                    abandoned building.
Their prayers
to make it through
till morning
are tears on tired

I have heard someone once 
whisper “when all you’ve got
is nothing, there’s a lot
to go around;” 
I believe 
They have this 
figured out
because though
They wear dirt
for shoes
Their smiles illuminate
brighter than the simple fires
that keep them warm

while they are together
I have a lot
To learn from they
who see clearly
how the present 
is indeed a gift,
and so can live

in the richness of love
with all
the naught
They have today

By Destinee Sharai Nelons


Destinee Sharai developed her love for creative writing while organizing poetry clubs and sharing at open mics during college. She is based in the Pacific Northwest and currently participates in virtual poetry writing groups. Her interests also include watercolor, sketching, and cooking. Her work can be found in the Lingua journal, Z Publishing House’s anthology of Best Emerging Poets, and The Helpers Podcast.

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