Retire Push Play By Bonnie Billet

Retire Push Play

sit under honey locusts
listen to the work of the river
bird song random dogs

revisit the same day or another

take the dog to the top of the hill
under the giant oak everyday
for years

name the plants
relearn the names of birds
go home

sit send out letters
rework poems sharpen language
trash your emails

push go another year
masks off a new vision
the possibility of going out

sleep with the same man
for forty-seven years
your nights continually unfolding

ignore aging
forget trying to get up off the floor
turning over in bed repeat

By Bonnie Billet


Bonnie wrote until she was in her late thirties She was published in several journals including POETRY. She started writing again after retirement and has been published in several journals including Entropy, Ravens Perch, Dunes Review, Oxidant/Engine and RHINO.

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