the worst things i remember By Shanna Williams

the worst things i remember

  1. the day i met you i told 7 people i met my soulmate
    how fucking embarrassing is that
  2. i still have the photo booth pictures we took
    you stole a $5 out of your girlfriend’s wallet
    and we kissed so hard
    my gums bled
  3. i gave up every part of myself to become
    i am none of those things
    i am bad at being vulnerable
    i don’t want to look

    i would drink bleach before letting you see one tear roll down my face
  4. i dream about you every other night
    while sleeping next to other people
    i wake up and see their face
    smell their breath
    touch their shoulder
    it feels like purgatory
  5. just another dumb girl in love
    i don’t want sad songs
    i want to punch you numb in the face until you
    want me back

    By Shanna Williams


    Shanna Williams was born + raised in San Francisco, where she still resides. After an 8 year hiatus, she is writing again.

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