Two Poem By Nichol Ronée Bourdeaux


Where were you during the lockdown
When the black bird’s wings were broken
Your sisters and brothers were there
But you said race wasn’t spoken


Are you still here?

Protecting me in the night
Holding me as you did in your arms
Cradling my head
Breathing your dream of love, adventure
and freedom into my soul.

Are you still here?

As I fall to my knees begging God
for the fantasy of a man of your dreams
A warrior to save me from the hopelessness
of black chains, the world on my shoulders
A woman to mind all the pain of her children,
their children and no one to mind hers.

Are you still here?

When I rock myself to sleep,
hoping to never wake.
to the monotony of achievement
Pride of a beautiful child, successful career
Impeccable house in the appropriate zip code
Suitable car and designer dog.

Are you still here?

Watching the world collapse
around your dreams
Oh sprit, my guardian,
guide me to my purpose, my dream
Show me the way to unequivocal love.

By Nichol Ronée Bourdeaux


Nichol Ronée Bourdeaux is inspired by the use of words to express emotional experiences. Recently, she has used creative writing to process traumatic life events. Nichol’s love of singer-songwriter music appears in the construction of her poems. Her use of simple word structure and play is meant to be read aloud to experience the melodic expression and tone of her poems. She is hopeful that her writing opens an accessible doorway that welcomes a broader audience to other women of color writers. Nichol Bourdeaux currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She holds a BA in Communications and an MPA from the University of Utah.

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