Dear Reader, By Ling Ge

Dear Reader,

thank you for reading this poem.
Thousands of miles lie between us.
I cannot meet you in person
or invite you to visit my garden.
I ask summer’s breeze to travel
and forward my regards to you
with the fragrance of my lilacs.
In the first ray of sunshine,
my peach blossoms drift in a stream,
flow thousands of miles, melt into water,
and send you sweet rain.
When night falls, my waterlilies sleep
on the reflection of the moon.
Please open your window,
gaze at the same moon,
and feel their dreams.
Two lines from here,
you will notice a period
wishing you the start of infinity.

By Ling Ge


Ling Ge is a Pushcart nominee who studies creative writing and works as a statistician in Toronto, Canada. In her literary work, she uses a combination of Eastern and Western styles. Her work has appeared in the Spadina Literary Review. Her tanka will appear in Ribbons.

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