El Roi By Flourish Joshua

El Roi

these days, I am hearing my soul
louder than

it is screaming, plucking stars
from the sky &

naming them by the virtues
that elude me—

El Roi, where have you hidden
your eyes?

In this poem, I lament
in reverse, &

pray in body languages:
O Lord, why do you watch beautiful things

levitate into chaos?
Why do you place so much power

in the hands of grief?
& what is it with your mercy

that Samsons the sons of men,
yet endureth forever?

By Flourish Joshua


Flourish Joshua is a (performance) poet from Nigeria, a NaiWA poetry scholar, 2nd place winner of the 7th Ngozi Agbo Prize for Essay, finalist of the 2021 NO CONTACT Poetry Prize, Managing Editor at NRB, Interviews Editor at Eremite Poetry, Poetry Editor at LERIMS, Associate Poetry Editor at miniskirt magazine & Poetry Reader at Bluebird Review. He is published (or forthcoming) on London Grip Poetry, miniskirt magazine, East French Press, Olongo Africa, Ghost City Review, Brittle Paper, Blue Marble Review, Bluebird Review, No Contact, and elsewhere. Instagram: @therealflourishjoshua | Twitter: @fjspeaks

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