COVID-19 By Nicole Amador


in a hundred years
there will be
paintings and
and sculptures of us
wearing masks
in our fear
in our sorrow
in our strength
and i hope
ascent from our current condition
they will be shown in the guggenheim
the louvre
the reina sofia
the tate modern
and the met
and all the places we pray it won’t penetrate
they will rewrite history books
ad speak of our sickness
as we have
of the bubonic plague or
one day my great great great
grandchildren will ride the
and as the
emerges from the
over the williamsburg bridge
they will see
doctors and nurses
and people who
like them
wearing masks
graffitied on the sides of buildings
the train moving so fast
the cables of the
will make
the pain of the people
appear as a flip book
that no one would think
to make

By Nicole Amador


Nicole Amador is a poet, artist, educator, and mother who is proud to be an Italian girl from Brooklyn. She currently works with the National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI), on providing education and support for peers as well as their families. She loves yoga, rap music, and her calico cat Shelby. She can be found at and on Instagram @lightthroughashatteredwindow.

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