hangul hakkyo (korean school) By Kris Cho

hangul hakkyo (korean school)

we cook honeysuckle berries into
potion and wonder what kissing is like

in the clearing right by the highway,
between the roar of cars and the

Korean church on the outskirts of town.
I dream of loving you in hangul

wrapping you in stories I forgot
all that I could carry from a tired mother,

her child, and a laundromat parking lot
if I loved you in hangul, would you?

would we stumble through middle school
with our fingers woven tight

would we lay under the stars and share
the constellations only we know

would I get to learn how to speak better,
to write love letters and insta captions and
eulogies and coming-out letters and
read the words around my name

when you left,
I hardly ever made honeysuckle mash


By Kris Cho


Kris Cho is a poet born and raised in Mid-Missouri. They are currently studying at Brown University where they double concentrate in Ethnic Studies and History. Cho competed on the Brown/RISD College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) team, winning the 2019 semi-finalist title with their teammates. Their work has been featured in Visions Literary Magazine and chapbook 0.2.

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