Katherine By Yazmin Sadik


Kathy’s thighs toil in the lake,
Her toes spread to let the fish,
Like sparkling coins,
Slip through.
She’s cut off.
She eats on the mountains
With water dripping fists,
And sleeps by the lambs as company
In exchange for the wool of her hair bows.
She is the haggler of this market,
Bearing fruitful currency and so
There is traffic in the air, an ongoing buzz,
Here the bugs and her would like to wear you.
Katherine wallows in the wallow of the fishless lake
Her stomach swelling like an aquarium.

By Yazmin Sadik


Yazmin Sadik is a Turkish Cypriot, second-year English student at the University of Bristol. She enjoys reinterpreting her favourite art works and poems to explore the themes they present to her in a more personal context. Performing in a spoken word event in London, with her friends supporting her in the audience, marked a huge change in her attitude towards her work. Since then, she has had many articles and a poem featured in Epigram, her university newspaper.

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