The Folkstory Death, As Told By Mexican Bob Dylan By Artemisio Romero y Carver

The Folkstory Death, As Told By Mexican Bob Dylan

[Verse 1]

There’s a town called Imagination
Somewhere far left of New Orleans
I spent time there as a teenager
I remember constant yellow mornings
In the press, I read the President,
That boy prince of Tennessee,
Had found out there was a West And
declared it our enemy
So they sent an expedition
To the borders of Imagination
They came with guns, heroin, and treaties
And all the beauty of a nation
A little girl left her tennis shoes
As everyone fled the march
They had been protesting the war
Which had invited one to start
Zachary Taylor and his boys
Goths and vandals full of rage
They held Lopez on hot asphalt
And fried him like an egg
As they stormed the capital
The Spaniards raised a cross
They said something about redemption
And lopped a head straight off
He stood that man sideways
And murdered him on an order
Then stole a painting and sword
And fled back across the border

The newspapers, the union men
Watched from across the street
As the barrios took the courthouse
Guns interrupted the speech

[Verse 2]

Holding a dying Kennedy,
They had finally called her bluff
She said I can feel it in my bones,
Now, the ante has been upped
I was in Napa California
When I finally heard the news
I was drinking La Croix like water,
While they sieged Vera Cruz
I came back too late you know
To see anything but the smoke
Just Henry Crabbs’ head pickled
And recently emptied rope
We left to hide in Chimayo
She held me in her arms
A bloody sacrilegious thing
Her little pagan charm
Now it’s been a string of defeats
Since they took Imagination
Joan of Arc does shows in Texas
The Cubans are anti-immigration
Orosco’s off in New York
He writes me but I don’t read it
We tell all these different stories
As if we’d actually seen it
I hear fire in the distance
With all the beauty of a nation
I’m tryin to get back out to
That town called Imagination

By Artemisio Romero y Carver


Artemisio Romero y Carver is a Chicana poet and activist. She is a YoungArts Merit Award Winner for Spoken Word and Santa Fe’s 2020 Youth Poet Laureate. Poems by Artemisio have appeared in publications that include Inlandia Literary Journal, Rigorous Literary Journal, Pasatiempo Magazine, and Magma Poetry. Her writing has appeared in the following anthologies: Dreams of Montezuma (Stalking Horse Press), Everything Feels Recent When Your Far Away (Axle Contemporary Press), and A Tiny Grain of Sand: The National Youth Poet Laureate Anthology 2021. She is currently pursuing degrees in sociology and studio arts at Washington University in Saint Louis. She also goes by Arte.

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