Discover By Mina Hassan


The leaves move with sound
when the traffic stops and then
there’s you and the end of work,
of a life built with so much care
it is brittle. Bowie, headfirst in
creation, embraced chaos. His wife
has your sister’s name: magnet and faith
in my beloved languages, which is really how
you drew me and I stayed:
for the mornings when you
play the guitar like a giggling
spring, all life, and I decide to write like
water and not a fist, for the evenings
when the traffic stops and you appear
in the loud, loud leaves.

By Mina Hassan


Mina Hassan was born in Chicago and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a Master’s student at the University of Oxford and a co-creator of the South Asian literary magazine DHOOP Journal ( ). Her chapbook Flying South: a Collection of Winter Ghazals was recently published by Bottlecap Press.

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