On the train home By Desiree Nestor

On the train home

The fluorescent lights
will drown everything and every
body on this trip.

No, not like that.
This isn’t a ship.

Yes we sway, but we are not reefs
at the bottom of the West Indies sea.

That passage already known,
A theft from which we grow.

On the other side,
there is a woman, tired, a man running
late, and someone
alive in a dream.

Its 5:32 and we’re
not yet home. But this
time we have a way back.

A body and map. Lines
to live by. To get
by. Do you remember
what was before the sea?

It’s ten to six. The sea
is a carriage, and this is
a carousel. A four train to Crown

By Desiree Nestor


Desiree Nestor currently lives in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and currently works as a literacy/writing tutor with middle school and high school students. She loves soccer, listening to music, and learning French.

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