To the boy I first loved (an ode to my lover) By JB Favour

To the boy I first loved (an ode to my lover)

when I see two souls attached to each other
and love that gives all of itself

when I see trust in a stranger’s eyes
and sincerity among friends

when I hear stories of passion
and people talk about loved ones

as I sit and listen to their tales
mistakes and adventures

lessons and losses
regrets and experiences

my heart wanders home
to the boy I first loved.

when I see broken people
and those who love have scarred

when they talk about how damaged
loving the wrong one made them

and I hear terrible things done in the name of love
how shallow and temporary people can be

when I see them throw away loyalty
and others mock commitment

when I read letters of people who wish for soul mates
and those who have never known true love

my heart wanders home
to the boy I first loved

and reminds me how badly I should treasure
what he and I still share.

some get it right after a few tries
and others never do

but the boy I first loved and I
we are each other’s first love

and that is a million times
the hardest thing to find.

By JB Favour


JB Favour is a ghostwriter, poet, brand consultant, and creative director. She has helped several authors ghostwrite their memoirs/autobiographies, fiction, and nonfiction books with some of her works being produced into film. Her Anthology – Once Upon A Virus, a survival poetry collection of the Covid pandemic that rocked the world is available on Amazon and other book stores globally. Her other works have appeared in The Newcastle Review UK, Brittle Paper, Lion & Lilac UK, Intellectual Ink Magazine USA, and I Am Magazine Belgium. She is also the Founder and Creative Director of a Digital Content Creation, Branding & Marketing Agency, FAVES_PEN and hosts a book show for authors called BOOKTERVIEWS Show

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