Art Left to Fester By Joana Gama

Art Left to Fester

there are difficult weekends when
I paint my legs in watercolors
tie red ribbons around my thighs and hips
make myself delicate despite it all

none of my friends say I look different
maybe that’s what hurts the most

to be good, to be good, to keep being good
and be reminded of why you wanted it, to be
better than you were, lovelier than is natural

so on this weekend I make myself wrong
chase myself to paper thin edges
waste away with water greens beneath my eyes
wind and wind until I tie my limbs ribbon sick

today there are more bruises on my body
marks on my thighs where silk wound too tight
and pieces of string I forgot under my nails
I should not be surprised, but alas—
I am left alone with all the beautiful things I’ve done

By Joana Gama


Joana Gama was born in 2004, in Rio de Janeiro. She is a college student currently majoring in Marketing and Communications. Her favorite pastimes include reading, playing video games and thrill-seeking. She lives alone in São Paulo and enjoys visiting new places in the city, preferring to return home once it is past four in the morning.

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