2023 Best of the Net Nominees

In an era of forgetting, whose vocation is it to remember? Poets. Whose vocation is it to recall what makes a comforting home? Poets. Who invokes the threads of families lineages? poets. Who traces the shadow of a torn down baseball stadium? Poets. Who remembers when god lived in their backyard? Poets. Who searches for their identities? Poets. Who lifts up the identities of their communities? Poets. Who writes their shared histories into poems Mitski may one day sing? Poets. Who breaks down the barriers detouring our paths to grace? Poets. Not just any poets. The poets we had the honor of nominating for the Best of the Net Anthology this year. We thank each of them for their talent and vision. We are proud of each of them for daring to remember & daring to dream.

When God Lived in New Jersey By Louisa Muniz

hole the size of candlestick By Karina Fantillo

on a kayak in this miami bedroom By Stella Santamaría

Cat’s Cradle By Noriko Nakada

When I say I want to go home By Melissa Ferrer (&)

I Try To Be The Cowboy Mitski Sings About By Kris Cho

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