Swimming in the dark By Facundo Rompehuevos

Swimming in the dark

when all you can see is miles
of black water around you
with no shore in sight—in
that moment you only have
two options and you will be
tempted by the relief of
drowning because you can’t
see anything but the obsidian
of the ocean absorbing all
light, ephemeral and salty—
it gets in your eyes, it blinds
you from seeing everything
everyone around you—you’re
tired, you’re tired, i know, i
know, i get tired too, they’re
tired too, everyone’s tired, we
all try hard—there’s nothing
nothing wrong in getting tired
hell, even, a soldier goes on
leave and eventually gets
discharged, so you have to
remember that, to fight against
the temptation, for the relief
will come as it finds us all
after all, we are no exception
it is no accident you find
yourself time and time again
swimming in the dark—
someone put you there—
something put you there—
and the others around you?
they need help too, your help
remember that, remember not
seeing the shore doesn’t negate
its existence—a stupid
impossibility, and not only is it
possible to find the shore, it’s
as inevitable as the illumination
of dawn: you just have to swim

By Facundo Rompehuevos


Facundo Rompehuevos is an activist, writer, husband, father and recovering alcoholic and drug addict born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction. His work has appeared in independent literary and poetry journals, such as Unlikely Stories, Rusty Truck, A Thin Slice of Anxiety and the political zine Red’s Not White. He has two books of poetry: Irreconcilable Contradictions (2017) and Grabbing the Stars from the Sky (2021), both published by Fourth Sword Publications. His books have been sold at Stories Books & Cafe, the Last Bookstore and Skylight Books. He is currently working on his debut novel.

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