Nostalgia on a rainy day By Nimra Tariq

Nostalgia on a rainy day

Rain in mountains brings nostalgia
A yearning for all the buried emotions

I miss you, like my home,
Before becoming a migrant

It changed, a little, after every visit back home
I kept revisiting to find my place a new

I wondered, what could have happened?
I pondered, what should have happened?

With a right word, with a right translation

Similarly, I visit you on every rain,
I revisit all the fights and words

To find a moment I could have saved it all.

It makes me smile and live memories of heart
Maybe, yours and not yours, cycle of life, like this

Rain brings nostalgia, it questions moving on?
Can you actually leave something at one time in life?

Not carry it beyond that…

Or maybe you move forward?
Carrying it, living with it, but beyond it

Rainy days are inquisitive and nostalgic
You somehow always live in them

Like a home of a migrant!

By Nimra Tariq


The poet is from a small semi- autonomous state Azad Jammu and Kashmir, administered by Pakistan. She writes on themes of grief, politics, conflict, gender, loss, and love. Her work is deeply influenced influenced by her family and friends. She wants her work to have a positive impact on reader’s life.

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