Oil Spill By Kevin Risner

Oil Spill By the time I finish another hourglass will shatter fine grains of golden sand across the tar-stained shoreline The soil swallows whole herons about to fly off birds with wings frozen sculptures masked by shadow murky substance dripping like blood hot coffee grounds swirling into spirally shapes Diseased and distorted like some reductive … More Oil Spill By Kevin Risner

Fracture By Kevin Risner

Fracture There’s gas in my backyard. I receive an envelope from some company asking: “Can we search for gas beneath the acres of green forests that seem to have no end? In return green bills will spill into your bank account.” The next vision from my window: yellow and metallic bulldozers scooping sod and humus … More Fracture By Kevin Risner

When I see my wife… By Kevin Risner

When I see my wife… When I see my wife eyed suspiciously by an agent at the airport because of her last name I want to speak up yell back: sure that name is also the name of a dictator in Syria not the United States one — Do you really think she has something … More When I see my wife… By Kevin Risner

Knowledge By Kevin Risner

Knowledge We succumb to voices wandering along edges of our clicking brains itch in response to constant calls through invisible indivisible megaphones be pleased at extra time devoted to rumination and illumination to tear away at base comfort to rip apart contentedness to shreds with signs laminated and animated many people are speaking to us … More Knowledge By Kevin Risner

Ancient Burial Ground By Kevin Risner

Ancient Burial Ground They nailed a spike into the earth to mark the ancient burial ground. A sign reminds us to respect the dead and don’t step in certain spots! We only seem to revere them all once they’re dead gone from every facet of our lives except for city and street names and sports … More Ancient Burial Ground By Kevin Risner