We Are Back

Rising Phoenix Review

Letter From the Editor

I know these are difficult times the likes of which many of us have never experienced. I feel the weight of this suffering. The sickness, shattered plans, upended dreams. If I’m honest, I am fucking scared.  As we self quarantined, I felt so isolated. I knew I wanted to help remedy that feeling for as many people as I could.

What I know is we need as many things that add light to the world as possible. As many things as we can make to help bring comfort, affirm our shared humanity, and amplify the voices of those who need to be heard. Connecting with all of you through this publication was always a light in the dark for me. More importantly, this was a space we built together, a place where we could connect people across the world. What I know is we can be brave together.

With these things in mind, Rising Phoenix Review is officially back. I have assembled a new issue full of poets who give me courage. I think they will uplift you too. Our  first new issue will debut on April 1st, 2020. I will publish a new feature poet each night at 9pm Eastern Daylight time on RPR.

My plan is for this to be the start of Rising Phoenix Review being a monthly magazine again. Additionally, I also plan to recruit new section editors (including a photography and art editor), and poetry readers. I hope you will stay tuned for updates about those things, as well as a few other surprise projects I am planning.

Until then, I hope these words find you safe and healthy.

Peace be with you always,

-Christian Sammartino