National Poetry Month Prompts


In celebration of National Poetry Month, we posted one new writing prompt every day on our Tumblr blog. We thank every poet who used those prompts as inspiration for new writing. Our team greatly enjoyed the opportunity to read your work! We encourage each of you to consider submitting your new poetry for a future issue of Rising Phoenix Review.

If you missed the prompts, and you are looking for inspiration for new poetry, here is the complete list. We hope these prompts prove to be a launching pad for your creativity!


April 1: Write about your superpower.

April 2: Write about breaking the silence.

April 3: Write a love poem to your hometown.

April 4: Write about how you survived.

April 5: Write a poem that is a self portrait.

April 6: Write about what makes you whole.

April 7: Write about abandoned buildings and what they were before they closed.

April 8:  Write about the people you see on public transit but never meet.

April 9:  Write about taking a road trip and the discoveries you made.

April 10: Write a poem that is a family portrait.

April 11:  Write a poem to get rid of fear.

April 12:  Write a poem from the perspective of a national landmark.

April 13:  Write about a personal ritual.

April 14:  Write about the best advice you’ve every gotten from your therapist.

April 15:  Write about birthmarks.

April 16:  Write a poem to your favorite poet.

April 17: Write about window shopping.

April 18: Write about how you rage against the dying of the light.

April 19: Write about your favorite tattoo.

April 20: Write about something that makes you feel loved.

April 21: Write about why April is the cruelest month.

April 22: write a poem about your favorite band.

April 23: Write a poem that is a creation myth.

April 24: Write about your origin story.

April 25: Write about what aches today.

April 26: Write about the worst storm you’ve ever experienced.

April 27: Write about the dreams that keep you up at night.

April 28: Write about a family ritual.

April 30: Write about the thing you miss the most.

When you are ready, please consider submitting your new poems to Rising Phoenix Review.

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