It’s a Party By Matthew Kosinski

It’s a Party

You don’t have to believe
me when I say two fingers
makes a whole person. I had
wanted for nothing and I found it

Come over. It’s a party.
Smoke all of this juice with me.
A priest was solving crimes in the Midwest.
This was in 2015, which is gone
now. An autopsy would be a waste

of taxpayer money. It’s a party.
I have read the literature. Look up
contrails. Grow concerned.
My coat buttons bang against the roof
of the dollhouse.

When a priest is solving crimes
in the Midwest that means
it’s a party. At an undisclosed location
the investigation proceeds
by a more angular logic. As in guitars.

Tell the horsemen to unfuck themselves.
Tell the bones to call a different shape to mind.
Pentagram okay. The ashmaker’s sigil better.
The god burner’s sigil best. Message from Hell’s electorate:
In the future every walnut will candy itself.

Primary season, 2016

By Matthew Kosinski


My name’s Matthew Kosinski. I’m a socialist and poet from New Jersey and an MFA candidate at The New School.


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